Introducing Go365

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In 2017, HumanaVitality will become Go365. Watch this video for an introduction to the improved program, and to understand which features will change and which of your favorites will stay the same.

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Imagine if achieving your health goals could earn you tons of rewards like Gift Cards to your favorite stores, Music Downloads, Fitness equipment, and more.

With HumanaVitality, we introduced a rewarding way to improve your total well-being. Starting in 2017, we‘re changing our name to Go365. You shared with us what you loved and needed more of, and we listened. With Go365, we are creating better ways for you to get and stay healthy on your terms.

Go365 is everything you already love, with a few important upgrades:

You’ll be able to take your health assessment in small sections, or all at once, to get a better sense of what you can do to improve your health. Then, you’ll see exactly what activities you need to do to reach the next Status.

You’ll still be rewarded for the activities you loved before, like completing a 5k, joining your favorite Sports league, or using an approved fitness device. But with Go365, we are making it easier to earn Bucks. We believe even small steps should be rewarded—so, now you’ll earn a Buck for every one thousand steps you track with your approved fitness device, instead of only earning Bucks when you achieve 10,000 steps in a day.

All along the way, the new and improved Dashboard will show all of your progress at a glance. See your Bucks and Status, how many Points you need to reach the next Status, daily device activity and more. You’ll even be able to spend your Bucks, right from your dashboard!

With the new Bonus Bucks system, there are no more confusing Mall discounts. You’ll earn more Bucks than ever before, with big bonuses every time you reach a new Status, and especially when you re-qualify for your highest status from a previous year.

The Mall will also show you a clear path to purchase rewards you care about – want to see how many Bucks that pedometer will cost? Hey, that biometric screening earned you enough to get it!

As you complete activities, you’ll be able to quickly find new ways to earn with our activities explorer. For the first time, all activities will live in one place, where you can browse and choose the ones that are best for you.

It’s never been easier to get rewarded for healthy living. Improve your well-being and productivity either online, or on the go with our mobile app. With Go365, we’ll help you start with healthy, every day.