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Get preventive care

Preventive care is often the easiest to forget. By keeping up-to-date on all your necessary screenings, exams and immunizations, you may be able to help prevent serious illness and protect your overall health. We can help you take steps to maintain your health with resources on common preventive care procedures.

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Preventive care screenings

Protect your health by staying informed about the screenings and treatments you may need.
A healthcare professional puts a bandage on a patient’s arm.

Help prevent the flu

Take action to help keep influenza—the flu—far away from you and your loved ones. Whether you need flu shot information or are looking for help getting through a bout of the flu, we can help.

Additional resources to help maintain your health

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MyHumana makes insurance easier

With MyHumana, you’ll get quick and easy access to IDs, claims, prescriptions and more.


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