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Get preventive care

Preventive care is often the easiest to forget. We can help you take steps to maintain your health.

A diverse group of senior men and women enjoy a water aerobics class
A doctor listens to her patient’s chest with a stethoscope.

Getting back on track

When you're due—or overdue—for a preventive screening, we can help you figure out where to start so you can stay on top of your health.

an older woman receives a flu shot from a smiling nurse

Prevent the flu

Take action to help keep influenza—the flu—far away from you and your loved ones. Whether you need flu shot information or are looking for help getting through a bout of the flu, we can help.

a man stands by his kitchen sink as he gets ready to open his day of the week pill box and take his daily medication

Make medications easier

As a Humana member you can use RxMentor® to keep a complete, up-to-date list of your medications. RxMentor collects prescription information from your Humana plan, and you can always enter in medicines, too.

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Health & wellness resources

We have a wealth of resources to help you learn how to be in good health, understand conditions or procedures and get tips on ways to live healthier.

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Easily access your information

Find your lab results, Blue Button health data and other information that's specific to your health plan and care needs.

a doctor helps his patient complete his health assessment on a tablet device

Assess your health and well-being

For many members, regular health assessments are a great way to take stock of your overall well-being and discover programs and services that can help guide your path to health. Assessments can be performed online, in a doctor's office, and in some cases, from the comfort of your home.

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