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Find a doctor in your network

Search for an in-network provider to potentially save on out-of-pocket costs for the care you need.

A doctor holding a stethoscope consults her older male patient in an exam room.
Humana’s provider network includes doctors, hospitals and clinics that contract with Humana to provide services to our members for less than what they typically charge. Because Humana has different networks for different health plans, it is important to select providers from each plan’s specific network.

Finding an in-network provider can be easy

Simply select which type of provider you need (e.g., general practice, internist, dermatologist, etc.) and your coverage network type and enter your ZIP code. Now you’ll see a list of the in-network providers in your area along with their contact information.

If you’re already a Humana member, just enter the type of doctor you need along with your Humana member ID number, found on your member ID card. We’ll use the information we have on file to put together your list.

Staying in network may save you money

Receive the care you need while potentially saving money on your medical costs. Some out-of-network deductibles may be twice as high as in-network deductibles, so it’s important that you choose an in-network doctor whenever possible.

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You may save money by staying in network

Our doctor finder tool can help you locate a medical, dental or vision provider in your area who is part of Humana’s provider network.

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