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Find a doctor in your network

Our search tool makes it easy to see if your current doctors are in our network or to find new medical, dental, vision and hearing care providers.

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See if the doctors you use now are in our network

Shopping for a plan?

Humana offers a broad network of care providers. If you want to keep your doctors, you can check here to see if they’re in our network.

Find a new doctor in your network

Already a Humana member?

Enter the type of doctor you’re looking for along with your Humana member ID number (found on your member ID card) to see a list of providers in your plan’s network.

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How provider networks help Medicare Advantage members save

Humana’s network of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies contract with Humana to provide services at a reduced rate. Humana has different networks for different health plans, so if you’re shopping for a plan, be sure to look for healthcare providers in each plan’s specific network.