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Medicare Advantage plans and veterans’ benefits

A Humana Medicare Advantage (MA) plan doesn’t replace your Veterans Affairs (VA) coverage; it complements it. It offers you more benefits, options for care closer to home and affordable costs, including plans with $0 premiums and Medicare Part B givebacks in some locations.

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Get what you’ve earned

Confirm your eligibility

Service members pay taxes for Medicare just like civilians. Don't leave these hard-earned benefits on the table. You may be eligible for affordable or $0 premium MA plans that offer benefits that the VA doesn't cover, like dental care.

Check your eligibility

Healthcare that may be closer to home

How an MA plan complements your VA benefits

With a Medicare Advantage plan, you can use healthcare providers and hospitals outside the VA system, which may be closer to home, especially in an emergency. And if you select a plan that includes coverage for Rx drugs, you can get your prescriptions from your local in-network pharmacy.

Teaming up with VSOs

Shop with confidence

Humana is the national Medicare plan provider recommended by Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) like AMVETS (American Veterans), VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and DAV (Disabled American Veterans). We help provide veterans with coverage options whenever and wherever they need it.

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Our plans are USAA recommended

We’re proud that USAA® recommends our Medicare Advantage plans, including Humana Honor® plans (available to anyone eligible for Medicare).* For nearly 100 years, USAA has provided financial services to military families and veterans. We’re honored to work with a company that values service as much as we do.

Get a Medicare Advantage plan designed with veterans in mind

It's the best of both worlds. Humana's USAA Honor with Rx plan offers you more choices for care and coverage beyond VA benefits. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between VA healthcare providers or civilian doctors, pharmacies and specialists in your Medicare Advantage plan’s network to maximize your total benefits.

As veterans transition from military to civilian life, there's a role for society to play. There's also a role for Humana as we partner with these veteran focused organizations to ensure that our veterans have access to all the care that they need. The veteran’s benefits landscape can be incredibly complicated especially for transitioning service members who may have never needed to access their earned benefits before. What the VFW and our Global Network of Advocates does is we provide representation throughout the process, help explain to Veterans what they need to know about their earned benefits, what they may qualify for and then walk them through that process. It's a lot like going into a big city without a road map. I'm going into the claims system, so our service officers are that road map. We're doing what we can in partnership with Humana to make sure that, hey, let's get the message out there that there are avenues for you to turn to, there are places for you to go to, talk to people and get assistance. When a veteran comes to one of our service officers, they're usually there because of a chronic health condition, or some other unmet need, and so when our advocates are meeting with veterans it's critical that they can identify things like food insecurity, access to healthcare issues, or even stable housing, or potential family and relationship issues. These are all predictive factors for suicide homelessness, other crises in their life. But when you partner with someone like Humana who understands the healthcare needs and concerns like they do to help push the message even further and broaden the reach that we have, it makes a significant impact in the community. At Humana, we are committed to whole person health and what that means in particular for our veterans is to ensure that they are not only getting the medical care that they need, but that we're really focused also on their behavioral health needs. We're very concerned about the risk that veterans have for suicide and so we're focused on good mental health or behavioral health needs, clinical health needs, as well as addressing the social determinants of health that contribute to overall well-being. We do suicide prevention online training where you can actually go through this program and learn how to talk to someone about suicide. When I am doing events out in the community and saying, hey, I am focusing on veteran suicide, and Humana jumps on board, that just gives me that boost of confidence that I can continue to create other programs that's going to help veterans. Veterans have done so much to serve our country that they deserve to have the best health possible, and so Humana is committed to helping them achieve their best health through not only ensuring they get the right clinical medical care, but ensuring that we can try to help them remove these social health barriers one at a time. Beyond what Humana has brought to the table for helping to train our service officers, Humana and its veterans Network specifically bring resources to our communities to better reach veterans and better address those social determinants of health. What our service officers provide is just one facet of that. We can help steer a veteran toward economic stability, stable housing, even access to healthcare through VA, but there are other things that we can't address. And that's really where Humana has stepped up to the plate to make sure that there are reliable resources for veterans. Our veterans have given so much to our country. Through these partnerships we hope to give back by ensuring that our veterans have access to all the services that they deserve.

Coverage that pays off

You may be able to get money back in your Social Security check by lowering your Medicare Part B premium cost with a plan that offers the Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit.

Get coverage beyond the basics

A Medicare Advantage plan, like the Humana Honor plan, can provide you with options beyond VA healthcare, including dental coverage with no-cost semi-annual cleanings and checkups with X-rays

#1 Military-Friendly Employer

In 2022, for the second year in a row, Humana has been recognized as the #1 Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs/Victory Media, reflecting our deep commitment to hiring veterans and military spouses through our national veteran's hiring initiative.1

*Anyone eligible for Medicare may enroll in an Honor Plan. Other plans are available through Humana and Veterans may enroll in any plan of their choice

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Learn more about the value an MA plan may offer veterans

Licensed Humana sales agents specially trained to address veterans' healthcare coverage needs will answer when you call 833-585-8387 (833-585-VETS) (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Eastern time.


  1. Dan Fazio, “Your Guide to Military Friendly® Employers Hiring Veterans,” G.I. Jobs, last accessed July 10, 2023,