Prescription tools & resources

Find out more about the tools and resources available to members who choose a Humana plan that includes optional prescription drug coverage.

Mail delivery from Humana Pharmacy

If you have a Humana plan with prescription coverage, you may have a mail delivery pharmacy like Humana Pharmacy available to you. Humana Pharmacy offers convenience by shipping your medicines to your home, and you may be able to get up to a 3 month supply of maintenance medicines in each shipment.

Other pharmacies are available in your network

Humana Drug List search

Check information about a specific drug and prescription coverage details, and learn about options such as generic medications.

Pharmacy Locator

Get the most value from your prescription coverage by using network pharmacies. You can find an in-network pharmacy and get printable maps and directions. Plans featuring the Select Rx network have many participating pharmacies ready to serve you, including CVS, Walmart and Sam’s Club locations.

Drug dictionary

Look up any medication—brand-name or generic—with this easy-to-use tool. You can search by the name of the drug or by the condition it’s used to treat. Plus, if you take more than one medication, you can check for potential interactions.

Generic drugs

Staying healthy is important—but so is saving money. Generics are safe, effective, FDA-approved and can cost much less than their brand-name counterparts. Ask your doctor whether a generic is right for you, and you may be able to start saving today.

Electronic prescribing

Is your doctor still writing out your prescriptions? Going paperless has perks, plus it helps you and your doctor track your medications more efficiently.

  • Find doctors and pharmacies who already use this system.
  • Check out the perks of electronic prescriptions

Prior authorization

Some prescription drugs need to be approved before your plan covers them. Filing a request isn’t difficult—you can do it online or ask your doctor to do it for you.

Maximize Your Benefit Rx

You know the price of prescription drugs is getting higher every year, but did you know there’s a program that can help you control your prescription drug costs? With Maximize Your Benefit® Rx, you’ll be notified when a cheaper alternative is available. You may be able to save if your doctor recommends the alternative.

Patient assistance for Rx

Many drug manufacturers and charitable foundations offer prescription drug assistance programs if you meet certain guidelines. Humana has information that can help you connect with these programs and save on your medication costs.

Safety is the best medicine

Prescription medications can work wonders on your health, but you must take them correctly.

Read medication mistakes

Prevent drug interactions

Drug interactions can be serious side effects. Find tips for avoiding these medication mistakes.

Find out more about drug interactions

Control the rising costs of prescription drugs

Partner with Humana and a program called Maximize your Benefit Rx to discover potential savings opportunities for high-cost medicines.

More about Maximize Your Benefit Rx