Maximize Benifits

Lower-cost options for prescription drugs

To help you maintain control over the rising cost of prescription drugs, Humana Pharmacy Solutions created Maximize Your Benefit (MYB), a program that provides information about your drug benefits and possible lower-cost options for expensive prescription drugs.

What you get from MYB

Through MYB, you will receive an alert whenever you fill a prescription while a less expensive alternative medication is available. We will contact you about possible lower-cost options to the current brand-name drug you’re using. We will also explain your annual savings if you switch to the alternative.

MYB may reach out to you in several ways, including via:

  • Mail
  • Voice-Activated Technology (VAT) calls
  • Email

Save more on medications with these tools

Your secure website
MyHumana, your secure website on, offers personalized information about:

  • Generics and alternatives
  • Mail-order savings
  • Savings resources

If you haven't signed up for your secure website yet,  Register for MyHumana  so you can start saving today!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, an organization trusted by the public to provide honest product reviews, has created a buyer’s guide to medications. Among the details in their report is the revelation that many brand-name prescription drugs provide no better treatment than other less expensive drugs. In some cases, those alternates are even available without a prescription.
See the full guide from Consumer Reports: Best Buy Drugs

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