Maximize Benifits

Save on prescription drugs with Maximize Your Benefit

Humana’s Maximize Your Benefit® (MYB) program can help you control the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Access lower-cost options for prescription drugs

Maximize Your Benefit will send you an alert whenever you fill a prescription when a less expensive medication is available. We’ll also estimate how much you’ll save for the year if you change to the lower-cost option.

We will contact you in one or more of the following ways:

  • Postal mail
  • Personal phone call
  • Email
  • Additional outreach efforts

Save more on medications with these tools

Your secure website

MyHumana is your personal, secure website on By registering for MyHumana you’ll get free information about:

  • Generic drugs and other medicine options
  • Other money saving resources

You may be able to save with mail delivery from Humana Pharmacy

You can have your prescriptions shipped to the location of your choice by Humana Pharmacy®.

Learn about Humana Pharmacy

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