Over the Counter

Save on over-the-counter medications

Using an over-the-counter (OTC) drug is convenient and eliminates time waiting to get your prescription filled at the pharmacy.

If your doctor agrees that an OTC is right for you and the condition being treated, you may save money. Here are some ways you can save on OTCs.

Heartburn medications

If you take a prescription medication for frequent heartburn, talk to your doctor about whether any OTC medications might work for you and the condition being treated. Several heartburn medications are now available without a prescription, including Prilosec OTCTM and Pepcid AC®.

Additional information and/or coupons for these products are available on the following websites. These links go to websites outside of Humana.


Allergy medications

Get details on Claritin® and Alavert®, which don't require a prescription, and find out whether discounts are available online.

Allergy Medications

MyHumana Savings Center

The Savings Center links you to health and wellness discounts for Humana members — including discounts on OTCs. Here are some examples of the special savings opportunities waiting for you:

  • Find discount coupons for heartburn medications, including Prilosec OTCTM and Pepcid AC®
  • Save on allergy medications, including Alavert® and Claritin®
  • Get discounts on Advil®, Centrum®, and Caltrate®
  • Reduce the cost of leading cough and cold preparations

These are just some of the values waiting for you in the Savings Center on MyHumana. If you haven't signed up for your secure website yet, register for MyHumana so you can start saving today!

These programs and tools are not insurance products and are not guaranteed under any contract. Humana is not required to provide these services, but makes them available to eligible members at no additional cost.

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