maximize benefits

Savings on drug costs

To help members control the rising cost of prescription drugs, Humana Pharmacy Solutions created Maximize Your BenefitSM Rx (MYB/Rx).

This program educates members about their drug benefits and possible lower-cost prescription drug options.

What you get from MYB/Rx

MYB/Rx identifies if you've filled a more expensive prescription when a less expensive alternative is available. If you have, we contact you about lower-cost alternatives, based on your current brand-name drug, as well as your annual savings if you switch to the alternative.

MYB may reach out to you in several ways:

  • Letters
  • Voice-Activated Technology (VAT) calls
  • E-mails

More tools to help you save money on medications

Your secure website

MyHumana, your secure website on, offers personalized information about:

  • Generic drugs and alternatives
  • Mail-order savings
  • Savings resources

If you haven't signed up for your secure website yet, register for MyHumana so you can start saving today!

Your secure websiteConsumer Reports

Consumer Reports has added prescription medications to the products it evaluates. The review found many brand-name medications provide no better treatment than drugs that can be bought for much less and in some cases without a prescription.

This external link goes to a website outside of Humana.

Check out the Consumer Reports website: Best Buy Drugs

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