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Prescription savings and tools

Drug costs can be a major part of your overall healthcare expenses. Explore tools that may help you save on your prescriptions.

For more personalized support, a secure MyHumana online account makes it easy to view your drug costs and to see if less expensive options are available.

Ways to save money on your prescriptions

Humana can help you look for less expensive options for high-cost medicines, like generics. Here are some other ways to help lower your costs.
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Patient assistance

Many drug manufacturers and charitable organizations offer financial assistance if you meet certain criteria. Specialty pharmacies can help connect you with programs to help pay for specialty drugs.
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Mail-delivery pharmacy

Using a mail-delivery pharmacy like CenterWell Pharmacy® may help you save money with lower copays on 90-day supplies of most medications. And you’ll save time with fewer trips to the pharmacy. Other pharmacies are available in our network.
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Generic medication

Taking generic versions of your medicine instead of brand-name drugs can be a great way to save money. Generic medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and rated by the FDA to be just as safe and effective as brand-name drugs— but they generally cost less.
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Cost-share pharmacy options

Preferred cost-share pharmacies may provide prescriptions for our Medicare members at a lower cost than standard in-network cost-share pharmacies, depending on the plan. Learn more about the difference between preferred cost-share and standard cost-share pharmacies.
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Tools and resources

Use these time-saving tools to help manage your prescriptions.

Humana Drug List

See which drugs are covered by your plan by using our search tool or printing out the list of drugs. Coverage can vary depending on the type of plan you have.

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Prior authorization

Some drugs require approval from Humana before you can fill your prescription. Have your doctor request prior authorization or start the process yourself.

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Pharmacy finder

Humana’s network includes more than 60,000 pharmacies—from major chains to independent pharmacies. Search for a pharmacy near you.

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Drug costs

Sign in to your MyHumana account for help estimating your drug prices and to see if lower cost options are available.

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Understanding your medications

Learn about the different drugs you take and their safety. From statins to high-risk medications, get informed by watching our videos and reading our articles.