HumanaVitality - a wellness and rewards program for your well-being and healthy living

You should be rewarded for making healthy choices. With HumanaVitality®, you can earn hotel stays, digital cameras, and more — for everyday healthy behavior. Even your kids can get involved, live healthier and earn great rewards along the way!

Find a medical plan with HumanaVitality

Ready, set, earn

Simple steps to a healthier you

  • Get on track to make a healthy change
  • Establish goals based on your personal health
  • Get out, get active, and achieve your goals
  • Turn completed goals into great rewards
  • Earn up to 10% savings, for use on a future purchase at Walmart®, when you buy Great For You™† healthier foods at Walmart and with your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card
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HumanaVitality is for every lifestyle Individuals & families

Small changes in your everyday life can add up to healthy long-term rewards.

HumanaVitality is for every lifestyle Kids

Encourage kids to start healthy habits early on and get them onto the path of well-being.

See where your health stands

Get started by taking a short Health Assessment that focuses on your daily routines. Once completed, you’ll know your Vitality Age —, which tells you if your body is living younger or older than your actual age based on your lifestyle and habits.

A key part of HumanaVitality is your Personal Pathway. Based on your Health Assessment results and other information, we recommend activities and help you set personalized goals that can lead to improved health and greater rewards.

Take action towards well-being

With a program designed just for you and your improved health, you’ll earn Vitality Points for activities such as wearing a fitness device, completing your Health Assessment and getting a flu shot.


Earn Vitality Points while wearing a fitness device, like a pedometer, and biking to work or taking a walk after dinner.

Healthy Living

Get rewarded for donating blood and having in-range biometrics test results, including BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, and total cholesterol.


Earn Vitality Points for completing your Health Assessment and getting certified in CPR and First Aid.


Earn Vitality Points for getting certain health screenings, a flu shot, and a Vitality Check®.

Get healthy, stay healthy

Get active and watch your Vitality Status® grow with the Vitality Points you earn. And as you continue completing activities and achieving recommended goals, you’ll also get Vitality Bucks® to spend in the HumanaVitality® Mall.

Staying on track and motivated is a little easier when you can track your progress. You can sync fitness devices, such as pedometers and heart rate monitors, to your HumanaVitality account and earn Vitality Points for your workouts.

Plus, you have the opportunity to earn Vitality Points every time you hit the gym at one of our partner health clubs.

You* can also sign up for Vitality HealthyFood and get up to 10% savings** when you purchase Great For You healthier foods at Walmart.

Get rewarded

Once you start earning Vitality Bucks, you’ll be able to turn them into great rewards at the Humana Vitality Mall. Movie tickets, hotel stays, digital cameras, and more are all available to you — and they are your reward for choosing to live healthier.

By staying active you’ll earn more Vitality Points, a higher Vitality Status and more Vitality Bucks to spend in the HumanaVitality Mall.

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Watch these helpful videos to learn the steps you can take to get a head start on your health.

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