Suppliers Faqs

Supplier FAQs and vendors

Here are answers to common questions about Humana guidelines and standards around becoming a vendor.

How can I become a supplier for Humana?

Please refer to the section on Supplier Registration.

How do I know if my products/services are needed?

Please refer to the section on What We Purchase.

I am a minority-owned business. Do I qualify for the Supplier Diversity Program automatically?

No. You must submit proof of certification as a minority-owned business to legitimately qualify for the program. Certification is necessary to give credibility to the Supplier Diversity Program.

What are the benefits of being a part of Humana's Supplier Diversity Program?

Some benefits include…

  • Opportunity to compete for government and commercial contracts
  • Affords partnering/subcontracting opportunities with large and small businesses
  • Opportunity to cultivate new relationships and to increase growth of your business