Primary Care Physician

It’s important to have a doctor who can help you stay healthy and provide services to help get you better when you are sick or injured. If you selected a Humana HMO plan (excluding the HMO Premier network), you were required to select a Primary Care Physician, also known as a PCP, or one was assigned to you during enrollment.

When to see your PCP

Your primary care physician provides your regular preventive care and screenings and works with any specialists to coordinate additional care. Calling your doctor’s office, during business hours, is your best option for care. To learn more about where to go to receive the right level of care the next time you need to make an urgent healthcare decision, click here.

Seeing doctors outside of your PCP

If you chose an HMO a referral is required to see a specialist or doctor other than your Primary Care Physician (PCP). You will first need to schedule a visit with your PCP. Your doctor will then provide you with a referral for a specialist in your network.

If you chose a PPO plan, you are not required to get a referral in order to see a specialist. You can receive care from any doctor you choose, however you will save more money by choosing a doctor, specialist or hospital that is within your network.

Make sure the PCP on your Humana member ID card is the one you want. Your medical network name can be found on your Humana member ID card.

Find a Primary Care Physician (PCP), doctor or healthcare provider

Need to find a PCP, doctor, specialist or healthcare provider in your Humana medical provider network that is also close to home? You can access this information on Humana's Physician Finder Plus.

Here's how to search:

  • Click here for a simple search. You will need to know your Humana member ID number or the name of your Humana medical network.

Don't know your Humana member ID number or Humana medical network?

  • If you do not know your Humana member ID number or the name of your Humana medical network, you can register/login to MyHumana to search providers specific to your plan. Here's how:
    • Go to
    • Register or log into MyHumana
      • You can register for MyHumana using your Humana member ID number (which can be found on your Humana member ID card or invoice from Humana) or you can use your Social Security Number if you provided it when you chose your plan.
    • After you are in your account choose "View plan coverage details" on the right side of your MyHumana home page.
    • Go to the Provider Information section under "Plan Basics," click "View/Change Primary Care Physician." Then, click on "Physician Finder."

Changing your PCP

1. Do you know which PCP you would like to select?

If Yes:

  • If you already know the PCP you would like and know he or she is accepting new patients, you can change your PCP online at or by calling us. Proceed to step #2 below.

If No:

  • To find a list of in-network providers, click here (if you know your Humana member ID).
  • Or, register and login to MyHumana here: Then, click “Find a doctor”.

2. Steps for changing your PCP either online or by phone:


Note: To change your PCP online you will need either your Humana member ID number or your Social Security Number (if you provided it when you chose your plan). If you do not have either of these, proceed to phone option below.

  • Start by registering for MyHumana
  • Click “Sign in or Register”
    • If registered already, sign in with your user ID and password
    • If not registered select “Register now as a new user,” and then “Member" and then click "All other members”

Once you have logged in to your MyHumana account select Coverage & Benefits from the Coverage, Claims & Spending tab at the top of the screen

The Coverage & Benefits page will open in the same browser window. If the “Change Primary Care Physician” link does not display in the Plan basics section, you may not be eligible to change your PCP online. If you are not eligible to change online, please call 1-800-223-3659 to change your PCP.

If it displays, click “Change Primary Care Physician” within the Plan Basics section.

The Change primary care physician tool opens in a new browser window. Enter your information as shown below to search for a doctor

Your zip code should be pre-populated in the Zip code field. If it is not pre-populated, enter your zip code

Select “Specialty” as the search function

Type “Primary” and select the option “All Primary Care Physician Specialties”

Click “search”

After you find your preferred primary care physician:

Click “Select” to choose the preferred primary care physician

If your primary care physician is not accepting new patients you will be asked if you would like to confirm your selection. If you are an established patient click “ok.” If you are not an established patient click “cancel” and select a new primary care physician.

Select “Yes” when asked if you are sure you want to change your PCP

The Change primary care physician tool window should close, and your new primary care physician will be displayed in the Plan basics rendering, along with the date when the change will take effect.


  • Call 1-800-223-3659 to change your PCP
  • Monday through Thursday: 8AM-8PM Eastern Time. Friday: 8AM – 7PM Eastern time.

Please Note:

Timing: Your PCP change may not be immediately reflected on MyHumana. It may take 24-48 hours to update this information on MyHumana. Please note the effective date upon the change of your PCP within MyHumana. If an image of your Humana member ID card is available on MyHumana, it may also take 7 to 10 days to update the PCP’s name on that image. You may visit your new PCP immediately but please note that if you need to see your PCP before you get an updated ID card you may need to contact us by phone

ID Card: Each time you update your PCP, you will receive a new Humana member ID card in the mail with your new PCP’s name on it. Some doctors may not allow you to make an appointment or see them if their name does not appear on your Humana member ID card. If you need to see your new PCP prior to receiving your new Humana member ID card, please contact us at the number above. Remember you can always print out your Humana member ID card from MyHumana once is it available.