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Using a health insurance plan

Activate your MyHumana account to access a wide range of tools and resources that will help you manage your plan.

A Humana employee helps a woman understand health insurance plans inside a pamphlet.

Understanding your plan

How to find in-network providers

Find doctors and hospitals within your network. Primary care physicians, mental health providers and health programs are are available through your plan.

How to find providers

Where to get medical care

Find retail clinics, urgent care centers and hospitals in your plan’s network, as well as details about emergency room (ER) services.

Where to get care

Humana member rights

You have certain rights as a Humana member. Find information about authorizations and canceling your plan.

View member rights

Exceptions and appeals

Find answers to your questions and concerns about filing an exception, appeal or grievance and appointing a representative.

Exceptions and appeals

Understanding common payment terms

Define the meaning of basic healthcare terms, such as claim, deductible and copayment, to help you understand costs.

Common payment terms

A Humana employee communicates in Spanish to a woman and her daughter as she assists them in understanding a healthcare pamphlet.

Communication assistance

If you need help with language interpreter services or accessibility, you can receive free translations, sign language and alternatives from Humana.

A man happily talks with Humana customer care on his cell phone while sitting on his back steps with a coffee mug in hand.

Contact Humana

Customer Care representatives are always here to help answer questions.

More Resources

FAQs about Medicare

Learn more about plans through answers to frequently asked questions.

Help and support

Find tools, answers to frequently asked questions and contact information.