Save Costs by Staying In-Network

What is a provider network?

Your plan includes a group of doctors, hospitals and clinics called a network. This group of healthcare providers has contracted to provide services to Humana members for less than what they typically charge for their services. Provider networks can cover a large geographic market or a wide range of health care services, including:

  • Medical networks: A network for Humana medical plans containing doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers.
  • Pharmacy networks: A network for plans which contain pharmacies.
  • Dental networks: A network for our dental plans which contain dentists.

Humana members typically pay less for using a provider within their Humana network.

How staying in your Humana network can help you save money

When you go to doctors, dentists, or pharmacies in your Humana network, you pay less for covered expenses than if you visited doctors, dentists, or pharmacies outside your Humana network. When you go out-of-network, Humana covers less of the cost, so your out-of-pocket costs may be higher.

Some Humana insurance plans such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans will not provide coverage if you go to an out-of-network provider. In the case of an HMO plan, Primary Care Physician (PCP) referrals may be required to see other Humana providers in your network.

Staying in your Humana network helps you manage your healthcare costs and save money.

How to locate a Humana provider in your network

To search for Humana providers in your network, click here. You can search based on your Humana plan type or your Humana member ID. To learn more about locating Humana providers in your network, visit the Primary Care Physician (PCP) page.

You can also download the MyHumana Mobile app and manage your healthcare needs on the go. Click here for more information about MyHumana Mobile.

Note: Your Humana network name can be found on your Humana member ID card.

More information about the advantages of using Humana providers in your network

Click here for more information about the advantages of using providers in your Humana network.