Personal Nurse

Personal Nurse helps you through the healthcare maze

Healthcare can be a maze. Ever wish you had someone to help you find your way?

Humana members told us it would be great if they had their own nurse, so that's exactly what we gave them! If you have insurance through your employer or a HumanaOne® plan, you might be eligible for the Personal Nurse® service—which helps you take charge of your health and fit healthy choices into your life—at no additional cost.

What does a Personal Nurse do?

Although Personal Nurse is a phone-based service, it's different from a nurse-on-call hotline. Participants work one-on-one with a nurse who takes the time to understand their unique situation.

Specially-trained nurses call members who may be at risk for, or currently dealing with, serious conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. A Personal Nurse:

  • Offers information – The nurse will help you identify health goals, explore treatment options with you, and guide you to resources so you can make informed decisions and take control of your health.
  • Develops a personal relationship – You'll be able to stay with your Personal Nurse as long as you remain a Humana member.
  • Collaborates with you – The Personal Nurse service doesn't replace your doctor. Instead, the nurse will help you communicate with your caregivers and work with your doctor so you can make decisions with confidence.
  • Provides a sounding board – The Personal Nurse will help you gain control of your health—not just manage your symptoms. Sometimes having someone to talk to can mean the difference between your controlling a disease and it controlling you.

Personal Nurses don't just provide education specific to your health. They also provide guidance about benefits, as well as pre- and post-hospitalization counseling, to help you fully understand your health benefit options and choices. Personal Nurses help you navigate the healthcare system, work better with your doctor, and make smart health decisions with confidence.

Personal Nurses work flexible hours, so the nurse can work with your schedule. During your phone calls, you will work with your nurse to decide future times you can talk. In addition, you'll receive a welcome letter with your Personal Nurse's business card and phone extension, so you also can call your Personal Nurse. All conversations are confidential.

How To Find Out More About Personal Nurse

  1. Simply register for or log in to MyHumana
  2. Under the "Coverage Claims & Spending" pull-down tab choose "Health Programs".
  3. Choose "Personal Nurse"

Or you can reach a Personal Nurse by calling 1-877-41-NURSE (1-877-416-8773).

In addition, a Personal Nurse may make the first contact—for instance, if you have a new diagnosis, change medications, or have certain tests or procedures. If you receive a call from a Personal Nurse, remember there is no additional cost to you—and partnering with a Personal Nurse may help you better manage your health.