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Support at home

At Humana, we help members maintain their health, safety and independence. Programs listed here may be included in your plan benefits at no extra cost.

A caregiver assists her senior patient as she uses a walker in her home.
A man and a woman stare lovingly into each other's eyes as they lie in the grass with their dog by their side

Living independently at home

Our care managers offer support to eligible members—in home or by phone—that fits your schedule. This may mean helping coordinate exams and screenings, answering care-related questions and discussing health changes.

A safe return from the hospital

An inpatient hospital stay can be overwhelming. We help ease your stress with programs and services that help make adjusting back to life at home as smooth as possible.

Help transitioning home 

For 30 days after an inpatient stay, a care manager may provide support to eligible members—in person and by phone. This may include help coordinating treatment, connecting you with financial resources and identifying ways to help make your home safe.

Care for complex medical needs

For many people living with multiple chronic conditions, hospitalizations can become a common occurrence. Our care professionals help eligible members identify their needs after an in-patient hospital stay, providing ongoing phone support and referrals as needed.

Meals delivered to your home

When recovering from an inpatient hospital stay or facing an ongoing condition, eating healthy can be a challenge. Humana Well Dine® supports eligible members by delivering nutritious meals to their home. View Humana Well Dine program.

A woman receives medical advice from a secure visit with a doctor using Humana’s telemedicine benefit.


For nonemergency illnesses, our telemedicine service connects you to board-certified doctors who can treat you from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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