Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Cost-effective immediate medical treatment

Emergency room (ER) visits are rarely planned or inexpensive. To save on healthcare costs, consider visiting an urgent care center for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.

Save With Urgent Care

To get the most from your Humana Medicare plan membership, remember these facts:

  • Humana members who visit an in-network urgent care for a minor illness or injury can gain special savings. Members pay lower copays for the same services at urgent care centers compared with an ER.
  • Humana members may also have lower copays at certain urgent care locations. Please review your health benefits to confirm savings opportunities.

If you don’t have medical coverage, many urgent care locations offer discounts or savings on select services.

Benefits Of Urgent Care

Affordable You can save on copays and services compared to the cost of an ER visit.

Fast You don’t need an appointment for most services and waiting times can be shorter. Also, many centers are open evenings and weekends.

Quality care Centers are staffed by doctors, nurses, and other trained medical professionals.

Services Most centers treat a range of urgent needs and offer many diagnostic tests.

Easy access Centers are often located within minutes of a member’s work or home.

Urgent Care Services

Convenient choice for immediate treatment 

Urgent care centers help you save on healthcare costs compared to emergency rooms and are a great choice for minor illnesses and injuries.  

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Convenient Immediate Treatment

Urgent Care Centers can help you save on healthcare cost compared to emergency rooms and are a great choice for minor illnesses and injuries.

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