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Why is Humana offering an in-home health and well-being assessment?

Humana is dedicated to preventive care, and we believe the In-home Health and Well-being Assessment encourages you to help take control of your health. The assessment will give you an opportunity to discuss at length any health concerns with a licensed health professional. It is designed to supplement the health exams provided by your doctor.

This service offers you:

  • A 45-to 60-minute home visit with a licensed medical professional to ask health-related questions in the comfort of your own home
  • A basic medical history and health screening with a complete review of your medications, including any supplements or vitamins you take
  • A review of topics and summary of the results to discuss with your primary doctor at your next visit
  • An opportunity to review other Humana programs and services for which you may be eligible

The visit does not replace your doctor's care or your annual checkup, and taking part won't affect your Humana benefits or premium in any way.

Why was I selected to participate in this service?

Humana selects certain members we believe will benefit from this service based on a number of factors, including claims data, multiple diagnoses and doctor visits. This program may help you improve or maintain your health, regardless of your health level today.

How is this assessment different from my regular doctor visit?

This visit gives you an opportunity to discuss your health at your own pace, without the hustle and bustle of a doctor's office. You have time to ask the questions on your mind in a relaxed environment and have an open conversation about managing your health with a knowledgeable professional. It is also a unique chance for a medical professional to help connect you with Humana programs and services that might benefit you.

This assessment is meant to support the care you receive from your regular doctor to help provide you the best overall preventive healthcare. Similar to your annual physical, the doctor or nurse practitioner will check your height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure, and then ask about your health history. A summary of the visit will be sent to your primary doctor.

Family, friends and caregivers that have an interest in your health and well-being are encouraged to attend. We welcome their support.

What is the cost of the assessment?

This service is included with your Humana Medicare plan. There is no copay and no additional cost to you. Taking part won't affect your Humana benefits or premium in any way.

Who will conduct the assessment?

The In-home Health and Well-being Assessment will be conducted by a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner who is employed by one of Humana’s contracted healthcare providers. These providers include CenseoHealth, Matrix Medical, Your Home Advantage, Advance Health and Peak.

Will my premium go up based on the results of my assessment?

No. Your premium will not increase because of the results of this assessment

Is this service mandatory? Do I have to do this?

This service is completely voluntary. We hope you will choose to participate, but there are no negative consequences to your health plan if you decline participation.

How often is this assessment performed?

The assessment is performed once a year for those who qualify.

What do you do with the information from the assessment?

Information from the assessment will be shared with your primary care doctor so that he or she can better coordinate your care and help keep your health records up to date. Your information is confidential, and only you and your doctor will have access to it.

Can I have someone with me while during the assessment?

Absolutely. We encourage you to have someone present who helps you manage your healthcare, such as a spouse or child. We are happy to schedule the assessment at a time that is convenient for both you and your loved one.

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