2020 Humana Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)

Humana offers three stand-alone prescription drug plans designed to help you manage the cost of prescription drugs
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Humana Walmart Value Rx Plan™ (PDP)

New in 2020! An affordable premium of $13.20 —the lowest in 47 states plus the District of Columbia1*— and access to preferred cost-sharing benefits at Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Sam’s Club retail pharmacies and through Humana Pharmacy® mail delivery.

Humana Premier Rx Plan™ (PDP)

Redesigned for 2020, our Premier Rx Plan offers broader coverage to help you manage the high costs of prescription drugs. It features a rich formulary, valuable benefits and an extensive list of in-network of pharmacies.

Humana Basic Rx Plan™ (PDP)

Designed to keep costs consistent and predictable, this plan offers affordable copays—between $0 and $1 after deductible—for most covered generic drugs filled at network pharmacies, including Humana Pharmacy® mail delivery.

Helpful resources for making the most of your prescription drug plan

How to avoid the Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty

If everyone waited until they needed to fill a prescription before signing up for Medicare Part D, premiums would skyrocket. If you don’t enroll when you’re first eligible—even if you don’t take any medications—Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services guidelines may require you to pay a late enrollment penalty.

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Take advantage of Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

If you’re taking a number of medications prescribed by more than one doctor, you may be eligible to take advantage of this program. Through Medication Therapy Management (MTM), you can meet one on one with a pharmacist to learn more about your medicines, ask questions and explore opportunities to potentially save money.

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*Includes seven states in which Humana is tied for lowest premium. For a state by state analysis, see www.cms.gov/Medicare/Prescription-Drug-Coverage/PrescriptionDrugCovGenIn/index.html, opens new window