Like many products, you can order glasses and contacts online. Many online retailers accept vision insurance, although insurance plans may vary based on what brands and retailers they cover.1

The Humana Vision* plan offers yearly allowances to use toward the cost of eyeglasses and contacts.

Do Humana's Vision plans have preferred online vendors?

Humana Vision is accepted at several well-known brands and retailers, including Ray-Ban,, LensCrafters and Target Optical.2

How do you use your vision insurance to buy contact lenses, frames or lenses online?

How you purchase eyewear with insurance may vary based on your plan or provider. For some retailers, you can buy frames, lenses and contacts online using your prescription and submit an insurance claim at checkout. After submitting your receipt and claim to your insurance provider, you may be reimbursed for part of the cost.3

How often can I buy contacts or glasses online with vision insurance?

Your insurance plan design will determine how often you can get contacts or glasses. Generally, plans don’t cover both eyeglasses and contacts purchased in the same year.4

Humana Vision offers single vision lenses for a $25 copay through participating providers and a $150 allowance toward frames once every 12 months. If you’re not purchasing eyeglasses, Humana Vision members may use a $150 allowance once every 12 months toward contact lenses at participating providers.5

Frequently asked questions

Can I order contacts online without a prescription?

You will need a prescription to order contacts online. Contact lenses are specially made to fit your prescription and the shape of your eye. You can get a prescription through a contact lens exam and fitting at your optometrist. During the exam, an eye care professional will test if you are a good candidate for contacts, then measure your eyes to write a prescription.6

Humana Vision members get a standard contact lens fitting and follow-up visit for a $40 copay. They also get a $150 allowance for contacts, in lieu of lenses, once every 12 months at participating providers.

Can I order glasses online without a prescription?

To buy glasses with corrective lenses online, you’ll need to have a prescription handy. Many websites allow you to enter your prescription while ordering your frames and lenses.7 If you need a prescription, or if your current one is out of date, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor.

How can I order eyeglasses or contacts online?

If you need to order glasses or contacts online, Humana Vision could help you save on eyewear. The cost of Humana Vision depends on your location and age. Get a quote to view price estimates for where you live.

* Humana Vision plans are not available in all states.

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