If you’re looking to switch out your eyeglasses with contact lenses, there’s good news. Generally, most vision insurance plans include some coverage for contacts.1 Different plans can have different coverage options, so be sure to check with your healthcare provider to see what costs may be covered for you.

Does insurance cover contact lens exams?

To get a prescription for contacts, you’ll need to see your optometrist for a contact lens exam and fitting. A contact lens exam is different from a regular eye exam. During the procedure, the optometrist will test to see if you are a good candidate for contact lenses and measure your eyes to create your prescription.2

These procedures are sometimes covered by vision insurance, but costs will vary based on your healthcare provider or where you get the exam. It’s also important to remember that the contact lens fitting is usually a separate charge from the exam itself.3

Understanding different levels of contact lens coverage

The insurance coverage for your contact lenses may depend on your prescription. If your contacts are medically required, it may be easier to get coverage than if your contact lens prescription is elective.4

Coverage when contacts are medically required

Typically, contacts are considered medically required if they are prescribed to correct errors in vision that glasses can’t fix. This may happen because of very poor eyesight, an irregularly shaped cornea or a disease that affects the eye’s surface. In most cases, patients with a medical need for contacts are prescribed solid contact lenses, not soft contacts. Usually, plans offer more coverage for medically necessary contact lenses than elective contacts.5

Annual allowances for elective contacts

If your vision could be corrected with eyeglasses, your contact lens prescription may be considered elective. Most providers and plans do not cover the full costs of contact lenses in these cases. However, some vision plans from Humana offer yearly allowances for standard contact lenses.6

See how Humana vision insurance covers contact lenses

If you’re considering contact lenses, Humana may be able to help. Some Humana vision plans could help you save money on contacts. Find one that works for you.

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