Vision insurance could help you cut costs of routine vision care or prescription eyewear. We’ll explain some of the basics of vision insurance: what it might cover, how much it could cost and how to get coverage yourself.

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How does vision insurance work?

Vision insurance plans help cover the cost of eye exams, glasses and more. You can buy individual or family vision insurance from private insurance companies. Group vision plans are often available through employers or government programs. Unlike medical insurance, vision insurance doesn’t have a deductible.

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How much does vision insurance cost?

There’s no single set amount for the cost of vision insurance. Premiums, co-pays and options for coverage may vary based on the insurance company, the amount of benefits provided by the vision plan, your age and where you live. For more information on prices for vision insurance, check out our article on how much vision insurance costs.

What does vision insurance cover?

Different insurance plans and providers may cover different services. However, most vision plans generally cover or offer discounts for basic procedures such as routine eye exams, as well as frames, lenses and contacts.

Annual eye exams

Routine comprehensive eye exams are an important part of protecting your vision. If you have vision problems or a family history of eye disease, it’s a good idea to get an exam every year.1 Humana vision plans offer members a routine eye exam every 12 months from the last date of service at participating providers. For more information on routine exams, check out our article on what to expect during an eye exam.


If you’re considering contact lenses, you’ll need a special contact lens exam and fitting first. Many vision insurance plans offer some coverage for contact lenses. With a Humana vision plan, members get a standard contact exam and fitting once every 12 months from the last date of service at participating providers. Humana vision plans also offer allowances once every 12 months from the last date of service for disposable contacts, instead of eyeglass lenses, from participating providers.

To learn more about coverage for contacts, read our article on vision insurance and contact lenses.

Eyeglass frames and lenses

Vision plans typically provide discounts on eyeglass frames and lenses. They may also offer savings on lens enhancements such as scratch resistance and anti-reflective coatings. Humana vision plans provide allowances for frames and lenses once every 12 months and frames once every 24 months from the last date of service when purchased through participating providers.

For more information on getting eyeglasses with insurance, check out our article about ordering glasses and contacts online.

Lasik eye surgery

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (Lasik) is often considered elective surgery. This means that vision insurance plans usually won’t cover it. Some Humana vision plans offer reduced fees for Lasik surgery with select network providers:2

  • TLC Laser Eye Centers: $1,295 per eye or $1,895 per eye with IntraLase™
  • LasikPlus®: $1,895 per eye with IntraLase and LasikPlus free enhancements for life
  • QualSight® LASIK: $1,320 per eye or $1,995 per eye with IntraLase and the QualSight Lifetime Assurance Plan.

To learn more, read our article about insurance coverage and Lasik.

Is vision insurance worth it?

Even if you don’t need eyeglasses or contact lenses, it might be a good idea to get a vision insurance plan. Most vision plans help cover routine eye exams and some include allowances for frames and corrective lenses. Check out our Humana vision insurance plans now to find an affordable vision plan in your area!

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