Regain confidence in your smile

If missing teeth are causing you problems, dentures can give you the confidence to smile again. Dentures can also help you chew and speak properly.

Dentures include artificial teeth and the pink acrylic base that acts as the gums. You can work with your dentist to get the look you want and the fit you need.

It will take time, patience and several visits to your dental professional to make sure your dentures fit correctly. Once you have the proper fit, follow these general steps to care for them:1

  • Wear your dentures every day to keep them fitting well.
  • Take your dentures out at night and run a soft toothbrush over your gums.
  • Brush your dentures with a special denture brush.
  • Use specially formulated denture toothpaste.

Dental insurance can help manage the cost of dentures

Depending on the plan, you may receive a range of discounts on the cost of dentures and denture repairs.

Humana’s Preventive Plus dental preferred provider organization (PPO) plan can make dentures more affordable while encouraging the preventive treatment that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Our preventive coverage offers low deductibles and no copayments and does not require a dentist selection.

Considering a new dental plan? Let’s find one that works for you.


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