Understanding supplemental dental insurance

Supplemental dental insurance is a separate plan that enhances your current dental coverage. An individual or family that needs coverage for a particular procedure not covered by their dental plan may choose to purchase supplemental dental insurance to help manage costs.

Humana’s variety of dental insurance and dental discount plans offers a range of coverage. However, Humana does not provide supplemental dental insurance for individuals and families at this time.

Adding dental coverage to your Medicare plan

If you are eligible for Medicare, Humana offers optional supplemental benefits like dental coverage that enhances your Medicare plan. You can add these benefits to your Humana Medicare Advantage plan when you enroll or anytime throughout the year.

Humana’s optional supplemental benefits include:

  • MyOption Dental High PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental HMO
  • MyOption Vision
  • MyOption Plus
  • MyOption Platinum Dental
  • MyOption Fitness
  • MyOption Dental Enriched HMO
  • MyOption Dental Enriched PPO
  • MyOption Total Dental HMO
  • MyOption Total Dental PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental Plus HMO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental Plus PPO
  • MyOption Total Dental Plus HMO
  • MyOption Total Dental Plus PPO

To see which optional supplemental benefits are offered on your plan, visit:

Supplemental benefits