What is supplemental dental insurance?

Supplemental dental insurance is a separate plan with an additional premium that may enhance your current dental coverage with your Medicare Advantage plan if you are eligible.

Humana’s variety of dental insurance and dental discount plans offers a range of coverage. However, Humana does not provide supplemental dental insurance for individuals and families at this time.

What does supplemental dental insurance cover?

Supplemental insurance is meant to help fill gaps in your current coverage. If you have reached your spending limit with your current plan or if your plan does not cover a procedure, you may be able to increase your coverage with a supplemental plan for an additional premium if you are eligible.

For example, if your current dental plan does not include coverage for braces, but your dentist recommends them, you may be able to find a supplemental dental insurance plan that will offer you this coverage for an additional premium.

Adding supplemental dental coverage to your Medicare Advantage plan

If you are enrolled in an eligible Medicare Advantage plan, Humana may offer optional supplemental benefits like dental coverage that enhances your eligible Medicare Advantage plan. You may be eligible to purchase a supplemental benefit to add to your eligible Humana Medicare Advantage plan when you enroll.

If eligible, Humana’s optional supplemental benefits may include:

  • MyOption Dental High PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental HMO
  • MyOption Vision
  • MyOption Plus
  • MyOption Platinum Dental
  • MyOption Fitness
  • MyOption Dental Enriched HMO
  • MyOption Dental Enriched PPO
  • MyOption Total Dental HMO
  • MyOption Total Dental PPO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental Plus HMO
  • MyOption Enhanced Dental Plus PPO
  • MyOption Total Dental Plus HMO
  • MyOption Total Dental Plus PPO

To see which optional supplemental benefits may be offered on your plan, visit:

Supplemental benefits

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