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Humana Extend: Dental, vision and hearing insurance plans

Combine dental, vision and hearing (DVH) benefits into 1 easy and organized insurance plan. Use your benefits on day 1 with no waiting periods for routine dental exams and cleanings, and preventive vision and hearing exams.

View plans and prices available in your area.

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All-in-one dental, vision and hearing insurance coverage now available

* Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 1250 plan in Kansas.

Subject to 12 month waiting period, $2,000 lifetime maximum and $2,500 annual maximum for all dental benefits combined.

Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 2500 plan in Nebraska.

** Subject to 6 month waiting period, $4,000 lifetime maximum and $5,000 annual maximum for all dental benefits combined.

†† Rate is for 1 person with Humana Extend 5000 plan in Nebraska.

Whole-person health in 1 affordable DVH plan

Dental insurance

Maintaining good oral health is a key part of staying healthy. Dental insurance helps manage the costs of preventive care and also helps lower costs for an unexpected event, like a broken tooth or a cavity.

Vision insurance

Vision problems can affect people of all ages, while other issues are more common as we get older.1 Vision insurance helps protect your eye health as well as ensuring you have access to the eyeglasses or contacts you rely on.

Hearing insurance

Hearing benefits, including insurance coverage for hearing aids, can be a key resource for managing health, especially for seniors. Hearing insurance can also ensure you have affordable options for hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

3-in-1 health insurance designed for you

Learn how the combined benefits of the all-new Humana Extend plans simplify your life and help you navigate your health.

Care without disruptions

There are no waiting periods on preventive dental exams and cleanings or routine vision and hearing exams. That way your routine care won’t be disrupted by transitioning to a new plan.

Organized and easy plan management

Instead of managing 3 separate plans, Humana Extend combines dental, vision and hearing premiums into 1 simple, streamlined payment.

Peace of mind at any age

Take care of 3 critical needs in 1 comprehensive plan. Whether you’re a senior looking to purchase dental, vision and hearing insurance or looking for flexible benefits that grow with your family, Humana Extend plan options have got you covered.

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  1. “Top Causes of Eye Problems,” WebMD, last accessed January 11, 2022,