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Humana Dental Loyalty Plus

If you love your dentist, you don’t have to leave. With this plan you can keep your current dentist—or choose any dentist you prefer. There are no restrictions.

Not only do you get to see any dentist you want, your dental benefits actually increase over time. Each year you stay with the plan, the percentages the plan pays for services increases—up to three years. Your annual maximum benefit limit also increases over those three years, so you can get more dental work done if you need it. This PPO plan rewards you for your loyalty.

There is a one-time deductible ($150 per person or $450 per family). Meet the deductible once, and never pay another one for as long as you stay with this plan. The longer you stay, the more you save.

Plan details

Services Coverage Waiting Period

Exams, cleanings

100% None

Fillings, extractions, X-rays

40% 1st year

55% 2nd year

70% 3rd year +



Root canals, crowns, dentures

20% 1st year

30% 2nd year

50% 3rd year +


Why choose the Humana Dental Loyalty Plus plan?

  • Choose any dentist you like

  • No waiting periods

  • No copays

  • Preventive services covered 100%

  • One-time deductible as long as you stay with the plan

  • Percentage paid for basic and major services increases over three years

  • Maximum benefit limit increases over three years

  • Premiums can be paid via mail, phone, or online

No copays, no waiting periods, and coverage that increases over a three-year period. What more could you want?

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