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Humana Gold Plus Integrated Medicare-Medicaid in Illinois

Humana Gold Plus® Integrated Medicare-Medicaid is available statewide in Illinois. All Illinois residents who are eligible to receive Medicare and Medicaid coverage and benefits can enroll in our health plan.

Medicaid member reviews coverage material

Understanding your coverage

The Humana Gold Plus Integrated plan combines your Medicare and Medicaid services, PLUS it includes coverage for prescription drugs.

Some advantages include:

  • You get the coverage of original Medicare PLUS extra benefits like rides to medical appointments, and added vision, hearing, and dental coverage.
  • You get a care team that you help put together.
    • Your care team may include doctors, nurses, counselors, or other healthcare professionals who can help you get the care you need.
  • You get a care manager.
    • Your care manager works with you and your healthcare providers to make sure you get the care you need. For example:
      • Your care team will review the medicines you take to make sure your doctors know about your medicines and help reduce any side effects.
      • Your care team will share your test results with your doctors and other healthcare providers.

Refer to your Member Handbook for specific information about coverage available during that plan year.

2024 Member Handbook, PDF

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