Prescription savings options for members of Medicare Part D

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Most of Humana's Medicare Part D plans come with added services, at no extra cost, to help you stay healthy and on budget. As a Humana member, you'll enjoy the support and convenience of mail-order pharmacy options and prescription drug savings programs like:

  • Maximize Your Benefit® Rx – Learn how to get the most from your plan and how it may help you save on high-cost medications.
  • SmartSummary Rx® – A personalized report that shows your monthly medication spending.
  • Mail-order pharmacy options – Enjoy the convenience of mail-order pharmacy services, have your medicine shipped directly to your home, and maybe even save with 90-day prescription pricing.

Maximize your Benefit Rx

To help Humana members deal with the rising cost of prescription drugs, Humana Pharmacy Solutions® created a program called Maximize Your Benefit Rx.

This program educates members about their drug benefits and possible lower-cost prescription drug options.

Maximize Your Benefit Rx identifies if you've filled a more expensive prescription when a less expensive alternative is available. If you have, we contact you about possible lower-cost alternatives to your current brand-name drug, and let you know how much you'll save each year if you switch to the alternative.

Maximize Your Benefit Rx may reach out to you in several ways:

  • Letters
  • Automated phone calls
  • Emails

SmartSummary Rx

Humana believes Medicare members deserve a better way to track, manage and save money on their medical care and prescription drugs.

That's why we developed SmartSummary® and SmartSummary Rx, an in-depth, monthly benefits summary tailored specifically to individual Medicare members.

How it works

Each member of a Humana Medicare Advantage plan receives a summary by mail at no additional cost. Members who have internet access can also view the summary online.

SmartSummary and SmartSummary Rx detail your benefits usage and include suggestions on how to potentially lower monthly spending. These statements help you:

  • Understand how much you've spent to date
  • Communicate with your doctors and pharmacists about the healthcare services you receive and the medications you take
  • Review your prescriptions—including fill dates, prescribing doctor, and pharmacy information
  • Understand the various phases of your prescription drug plan, so you can better manage your money and prepare for the "coverage gap"

Prescription mail delivery: convenience and more

Humana's Medicare plans give you access to pharmacy mail-order delivery services. With mail-delivery service you can :

  • Save time by having your medications and health supplies delivered to your home so you won't have to travel to a drug store every month
  • Fill prescriptions for certain maintenance medications 3 months at a time (90-day supply)
  • You may be able to save money with mail-delivery pricing, as well

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