Prescription savings options for members enrolled in Medicare Part D

Many Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. But if you opted for Original Medicare, which doesn’t include that benefit, consider adding a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D). It may help you manage your healthcare expenses.

Even better, most Humana Medicare Part D plans come with added services, at no extra cost, to help you maintain your health and budget.

Maximize Your Benefit Rx

Through this program, we’ll let you know if you've filled a more expensive prescription when a less expensive option is available. We’ll even let you know how much you may save each year if you switch to the less-expensive option.

Maximize Your Benefit® Rx may reach out to you by letter, phone, text or email.

SmartSummary Rx

You deserve a simple way to track, manage and possibly save money on your prescription drugs.

That's why we developed SmartSummary® and SmartSummary Rx®. These tools offer an in-depth summary of how you’ve used your benefits, tailored specifically to individual Humana Medicare members.

If you're a Humana member, sign in or register for MyHumana, and go to SmartSummary statements. SmartSummary statements are available for up to 24 months.

How it works

Each Humana Medicare Part D plan member, either through Medicare Advantage or as part of a standalone prescription drug plan, receives a summary by mail, at no additional cost, each month during which a claim was filed. Members who have internet access can opt to go paperless and view the summary online.

SmartSummary and SmartSummary Rx detail your benefits usage and include suggestions on how you might be able to lower your monthly spending. These statements help you:

  • See how much you've spent to date
  • Review your prescriptions—including fill dates, prescribing doctor and pharmacy information
  • Understand the various phases of your prescription drug plan, so you can better manage your money and prepare for the coverage gap (donut hole)
  • Talk with your doctors and pharmacists about the healthcare services you receive and the medications you take

Explore Medicare prescription drug plans from Humana

Most Humana Medicare Part D plans come with added services, at no extra cost, to help you maintain your health and your budget. Compare available plans in your area today!

Convenient prescription delivery by mail

Humana's Medicare prescription drug plans give you access to mail-order pharmacy services.

With mail-order pharmacies you may:

  • Save time by having approved medications and health supplies shipped to your home, saving you a trip to a drug store every month
  • Opt for a 3-month supply of certain maintenance medications instead of having to refill your prescription every 30 days
  • Save money when using a preferred cost-sharing mail-order pharmacy

Make the most of your prescription drug plan

The cost of prescription drugs can have a huge impact on your overall healthcare costs. While we want to help you find ways to save, we also want to help you achieve your best overall health. We hope these tools will help.

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