Prescription Drug Assistance

Prescription Drug Assistance for Those Who Need It

Below are several Websites that provide information on Prescription Drug Assistance Programs. This information may be useful to members or their doctors.

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Arch Foundation

Download an application for a program that provides access to contraceptive health resources.
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Prescription Drug Assistance Program Websites

These external links go to Websites outside of Humana.

Abbott Virology Patient Assistance Program
This program provides antiretroviral medications at no cost to eligible patients.

CMS Medicare Prescription Assistance Program
This site links you to details on the government-sponsored Medicare patient assistance program.

Pfizer Patient Assistance Program
This site provides information about Connection to Care, the Pfizer for Living Share Card, and other patient assistance programs.

PhRMA Patient Assistance Page
This site contains a directory of prescription drug patient assistance programs.

RxAssist Site
This site contains application criteria and forms for healthcare providers to apply for free prescriptions for qualified patients.

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