Wondering about discount dental plans?

Some people would like to save money on dental care but don’t want an insurance plan. For them, discount dental plans may be an excellent option.

With Humana’s Dental Savings Plus plan you can get discounts on many dental services. You can also get savings on vision, prescription, hearing and alternative medicine services when you sign in.

Discount dental plans can mean great savings

With dental discount plans, you enjoy savings at participating dentists by paying the dentist directly for services at a lower price. This is not an insurance plan, so there are no copays or premiums—discount plans like Humana’s Dental Savings Plus simply provide you with discounted services.1

Humana’s Dental Savings Plus plan features:

  • A choice of any in-network dentist. You are not required to choose a primary care dentist.
  • No annual deductible and no annual benefit maximum.
  • No waiting period—you can start saving right away.
  • Payment directly to the dentist for the provided services at the discounted rate. No paperwork and no insurance claims.

With the Dental Savings Plus plan, you can also benefit from discounts on:

  • Vision care—Retail savings of 40% off frames through one of the largest vision care networks in the U.S.
  • Hearing services—Complete a hearing exam at no charge when you choose one of our hearing care providers
  • Prescriptions—You may save on prescriptions and more through a network of pharmacies across the U.S., including mass merchants, retailers, grocers and independent pharmacies
  • Alternative medicine—Save up to 30% on chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy services through providers who accept the plan

You can view more information, including available providers, after receiving a quote on this discount dental plan.

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  1. “What’s the difference between dental insurance and dental discount plans?,” Healthinsurance.org, last accessed April 14, 2023, https://www.healthinsurance.org/faqs/whats-the-difference-between-dental-insurance-and-dental-discount-plans/.