Why dental insurance is a smart choice for students

With dental insurance, your teeth can last a lifetime

As a student, dental insurance is a great idea—whether you have health insurance through your parents or work, you’re covered on your own or you don’t have medical coverage at all.

Dental insurance can help you manage the costs of dental emergencies, preventive care and more. It’s important to have because taking care of your teeth and gums now will pay off big later in life.1

Dental care you deserve at a price you can afford

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Keep up those regular dentist visits

You may be past the age when you expect a lot of cavities, but dental care is still essential. Dental insurance can help college students better manage the cost of regular visits to the dentist.

Here are a few reasons why regular dental care is essential for students:

  • Doctors tell us that healthy teeth and gums can help maintain a healthy body.2
  • If you’re active in sports, expert dental advice about a mouth guard can help prevent injury.3
  • Dental braces can make brushing and flossing difficult, leaving your gums open to disease and infection.4

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From budget-friendly monthly premiums to low office-visit copays, Humana has a dental plan that is sure to fit your needs.

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