Care Giver Access

Caregiver Support

Find the support you need

Caregivers are often unsung heroes. You, along with 65 million others in the U.S.*, can find support, tips, tools, and other helpful resources from Humana.

Caregiving for loved ones
Caregiver showing support for a family member

Caregiver access

In case of an illness or accident, a friend or family member might need access to your medical information. Give your loved one permission to talk to Humana on your behalf.

Designate a caregiver
Caregiving tips to support the hard work of a caregiver

Caring for others

Caregiving is a tough job, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Humana has tips to help you manage the day-to-day and tend to yourself too.

Find the support you need
Take care of yourself, too

Take care of yourself, too

Caregivers also need support. Find tools from Humana to help you.

Caregiving Resources
Lead a happier healthier life as a caregiver

Lead a happier, healthier life as a caregiver

Make time for yourself and lessen the stress even when you’re caught up in the hectic pace of caring for someone else.

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