New online tool available for Medicare members and those who care for them

This tool can help with caring for a family member facing healthcare challenges

If you have ever looked for help caring for a family member or friend who is a Humana member look no further! The Humana Points of Care tool can help Medicare members and those who help with their care stay involved with their health, provide a sense of belonging and community, and offer the ability to connect with family and friends, locate resources, and much more.

See what the main sections of Humana Points of Care can do for you:

  • The Care Circle is where members can stay in touch with family, friends and the Humana care team, all at no additional cost to them. Articles available in both English and Spanish can be shared in the Care Circle. Only people who the member invites can view the Care Circle.
  • The Caregiver Support section provides educational tools and tips to help assist you with things such as finances, legal issues, home care and hospice care.
  • Members as well as invited family and friends will have access to the Community Resource Directory, an online guide with national and local resources such as support groups, medication assistance programs, and transportation.
  • The Care Library can help you and those you care for learn more about specific health conditions to help you make better decisions.

How do I get started?

Medicare members can sign up for Humana Points of Care by visiting (link opens in new window)  and signing in with their MyHumana username and password. Once registered, they can invite you and anyone else helping with their care by sending an email invitation through the site. Check it out today!