Making decisions together

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Your family has choices

When it comes to healthcare decisions for both you and your loved ones – which doctor to see, which treatment to have, when to have it or whether to have treatment at all – you have choices.

“Every patient has his or her own health priorities as a foundation for their life goals,” says Todd Prewitt, M.D., director of Humana’s Clinical Best Practices team. “When doctors and patients have a platform through which to identify clearly the patient’s healthcare priorities compared to the physician’s clinical priorities, they can select a path of treatment that best fits the patient’s lifestyle. This will significantly improve the chances of achieving both the patient’s and physician’s goal for better health!”

This give-and-take of information is “shared decision making.” People who practice it often have more confidence in the care they and their loved ones receive and may experience less stress about whether they’ve made the right decisions.

Working together to feel better

You share decision-making about your loved one’s health with his or her doctor when you:

  • Ask questions to learn about different choices for care
  • Share your concerns, challenges and preferences
  • Discuss with the doctor which choice is best for your loved one and your family

One good way to start the conversation is to attend annual wellness visits. It’s a chance to talk with the doctor about health choices and work together on a personal wellness plan for a healthy year.

If you and your loved one face healthcare choices, it’s important you share your goals and plans with providers. Let the healthcare team know what you can do, what your limitations are and what you will and will not do. Even after treatment begins, continue that conversation.

Considering surgery?

Choosing whether to have surgery can be a complex and difficult process. Our resources guide you through your options and decision points to ensure you’re getting all the information you need to make the right choice.

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Humana Points of Care can help with decisions

Humana Points of Care is an online resource available to Medicare members and their caregivers.

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