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Humana hero: Becky A.

Humana Hero Becky

Each month, we share the story of one of Humana’s employees who is caring for a loved one. Meet Becky, this month’s Humana Hero.

Becky, a business analyst in the Retail Services Organization, was raised in a family that believes less is more. Fewer medications and minimum intervention is her family’s medical philosophy.

Her dad has end-stage Alzheimer’s disease, and she is following her family’s credo as much as possible in his care. “He’s only on one medication now, and I wouldn’t let them give him anything that might make him sedated.”

Becky said that her father, a retired bank manager, began showing signs of dementia years ago, but he was very good at hiding it. “When you asked him a question, he would smile and nod,” she said. Becky’s mother, Ann, who passed away in 2013, was in denial about her husband’s diagnosis. Becky stepped in and started going to doctor appointments with them, eventually taking over her father’s care. Her brother manages their father’s financial interests, which Becky said is a big help.

After trying out an assisted living–dementia care facility, her father is now in a personal care home, which better suits his needs. Becky has a good rapport and trusting relationship with the staff there, so she doesn’t feel she has to go check on him every day.

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