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Sometimes a small change, like going to bed a little earlier, can make a big difference. Sometimes you need to summon the courage to make a major life decision like relocating to a new city. Whatever your needs, you’ll find help here with research-based information and practical tips that can help you and your family start living a healthier, more rewarding life.

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Health-Related Old Wives Tales: Fact or Fiction?

Can chomping on carrots really give you great vision and does an apple a day truly keep the doctor away? True? False? A little bit of both? Here, we asked experts for the facts about four common health tales we have been told.


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The Science of Sleep: How to Get Better ZZZ's

Nothing is as beneficial to our health and happiness as a good night’s sleep. For some, getting much needed shut eye isn't always so easy and in this fast-paced world—rest is often elusive. "Everyone feels better after a good night sleep, but actually you ARE better after a good night’s sleep," says Dr. Nancy Simpkins, Internist and Medical Consultant for the state of New Jersey.1

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More to the HumanaVitality Mall

Amazon, Macy’s, Apple, Target—the HumanaVitality® Mall has something for everyone! Getting active and staying fit are even more enticing when you can earn Vitality Points™ to redeem rewards.

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Vitality Check

Vitality Check Improvements

A Vitality Check™ is an important biometric snapshot of how you are living, and can help you understand where you can start improving your health.

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5 Symptoms you Should Never Ignore

Patients often ask, "Doctor, is this something to worry about?" says Edward T. Creagan, MD, professor of medical oncology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, and author of How Not to Be My Patient: A Physician's Secrets for Staying Healthy and Surviving Any Diagnosis.

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Do you Have Cyberchondria?

You wake up and there’s a slight rash on your forearm that wasn’t there before. So you do what millions of Americans do -- you consult the internet.

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Comunity-Kids at Play

Ask Questions and Find Answers on the HumanaVitality Community

Need help with your fitness device, goal-setting, or finding more ways to earn Vitality Points®? Get help when you need it by joining the HumanaVitality® community!

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Hiking-Grand Prize

Enter the HumanaVitality Biggest Loser Resort Grand Prize Contest

Imagine if you left for a one-week resort getaway, and came home with the tools to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle! This summer, 20 eligible HumanaVitality members will have the opportunity to win an unforgettable trip at a Biggest Loser Resort!

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Learn and Earn: What's Your Health I.Q?

HumanaVitality® and the Health IQ app are working together to make learning about health and well-being rewarding and fun! By downloading the app, connecting to the HumanaVitality Mobile App, and then taking a Daily Health Quiz, you have the chance to earn two Vitality Points per day (max 730 Vitality Points per plan year)

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Keep a journal to track calories

Weight loss: taking it off and keeping it off

Setting realistic goals for weight loss can sometimes make all the difference.

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