Healthy living

Start making healthier choices every day

Sometimes a small change, like going to bed a little earlier, can make a big difference. Sometimes you need to summon the courage to make a major life decision like relocating to a new city. Whatever your needs, you’ll find help here with research-based information and practical tips that can help you and your family start living a healthier, more rewarding life.

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Vitality Wellness Getaway Contest

2016 HumanaVitality Total Wellness Getaway Contest

Imagine if you left for five days to pamper yourself at a spa resort as a reward for your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Great excuses to book massage now

4 Great Excuses to Book a Massage Now

Heading to the spa might actually help you stay on Plan! Here’s how.

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Physician speaking with patient

Get to know your primary care doctor

Having a primary care -doctor, or Primary care provider (PCP), is part of living a healthy life.

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mom and son high fiving on bikes

Eat with the seasons

How do we really know that what we buy (and eventually eat) is actually good for us? A good rule is to eat what’s in season.

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Trips, falls, bruises and broken bones

Falls can lead to bruises, pulled muscles and broken bones. That might not seem like a big problem, until you know what’s really at risk.

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Vitality Check

Get a Vitality Check

A Vitality Check® is a biometric screening, similar to the lab tests that your doctor might order as part of a wellness exam. This screening measures your height, weight, waist circumference or BMI, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose (sugar).

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Doctor with Patient

The power to coordinate all levels of your care is in your hands.

Control your own healthcare by sharing information with your primary physician and specialists and taking an active role in scheduling visits.

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Customer using savings card at pharmacy

Enjoy a healthy dose of 20 percent savings!

Humana knows that good health means everything to you and your family. And as part of your plan, you are eligible for an ExtraCare® Health Card exclusively from Humana and CVS/pharmacy®.

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Family cleaning window

Get Set for a Successful Spring-Cleaning Spree

If you’re about to jump into the annual rite of spring-cleaning, here are a few tips that can make it more manageable – and more pleasant – from the start.

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Weight loss

Do You Believe These Weight-Loss Myths?

Do these statements sound familiar? Time to reframe your thinking -- and aim for weight-loss success.

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Regular mammograms may lead to early detection

Give yourself the best chance at staying healthy, talk to your doctor about when and how often you should get a mammogram.

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Insurance 101

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