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Sometimes a small change, like going to bed a little earlier, can make a big difference. Sometimes you need to summon the courage to make a major life decision like relocating to a new city. Whatever your needs, you’ll find help here with research-based information and practical tips that can help you and your family start living a healthier, more rewarding life.

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Woman with pet dog

Can pets help keep you healthy?

Anyone who’s ever felt a deep connection with a pet and experienced their unconditional love, acceptance and friendship knows that an animal is capable of helping you feel better.

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Mother and child sleeping

Sleep Diary on the HumanaVitality App

Wellness goes beyond staying active and eating balanced meals. Now you can earn Vitality Points for getting a good night’s rest by setting a sleep diary Milestone with the HumanaVitality® App

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Mall lead

HumanaVitality Mall on the HumanaVitality App

Now you can spend your Vitality Bucks® on the go with the HumanaVitality® Mobile App. Redeem your Vitality Points for Gift Cards and more. Here’s how to get started:

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Woman biting her nails

Nervous Habits that Harm your Health

Everyone has a bad habit or two that you may take for granted. Nervous energy, a tic that's become ingrained--what's a little nail biting or hair twirling in the grand scheme of your health?

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Child sleeping on mother

8 Great Reasons to Get More Sleep - Starting Tonight

Too many of us fight sleep, not wanting to miss anything. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there are consequences when you don’t get enough sleep. Here are eight health reasons why you should turn off the light (and the TV and tablet) earlier tonight:

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Cancer facts

The World Health Organization updated its cancer guide and has some astounding facts that could change the way you look at cancer and what you're putting in your body.

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Protecting against lice

Lice are not just a problem for schools and children—adults can get lice too. Make sure you know how to protect against and rid yourself of lice.

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Olympian fitness

Did the 2014 Winter Olympics inspire you to get in shape? These six tips will help you turn your motivation into lasting results.

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Healthy smiles begin with better oral health

Benefits of using dental floss

Skipping the dental floss could turn out to be costly. Learn why you should make it a daily habit.

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Keep a journal to track calories

Weight loss: taking it off and keeping it off

Setting realistic goals for weight loss can sometimes make all the difference.

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