Brush up on dental care basics

Good dental hygiene is important for good health

Brush up on dental care basics

Here's some basic dental tips everyone should know.

Getting sick?

Change your toothbrush. Toothbrushes can house bacteria that can continue to make you sick. At the onset of an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection or cold, get a new toothbrush. When you’re feeling better, get another one. Change your toothbrush at least once a month when you are healthy.

Don’t over do the toothpaste

When brushing, don’t overload your brush with toothpaste. Squeeze a pea-size amount on the top of the bristles. Correct brushing techniques will cause the paste to foam and cover all of your teeth. Using less toothpaste also can save you money.

Locate the forms you need

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Smile, you've got options

Don't have dental coverage at work? Keep your gums and teeth healthy with affordable dental insurance for individuals and families.

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Does good dental hygiene affect more than your teeth?

You bet! And our healthcare video explains why.

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