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Become a strong caregiver

Caring for someone you love is rewarding – but it’s also a challenge. Now you can find the support you need to flourish in your new role. Stay on top of the everyday details with tools, tips, and more.

Manage a family member's Medicare plan

Does someone you love need help? Then discover how to become a caregiver so you can help your partner or parent navigate any Medicare issue.

Conquer the day-to-day routine

When you’re a caregiver, you may have to handle everything from finances to meal-planning. That’s why it’s good to have a helping hand. Discover how to get the most from your loved one’s Medicare plan— and how Humana Active Outlook can keep your parent or partner active and healthy.

Our Caregiver’s Toolkit includes useful tips and resources to help make your life as a caregiver easier, as well as worksheets and calendars to help you stay organized.

Caregiver's Toolkit

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Helping you so you can help others

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A guide to good health for people over 50

Our printable list helps you keep track of preventive screenings.

Download the preventive screening guide now (opens in new window) 

Think you might have the flu?

If you’re having flu-like symptoms, see your doctor or visit an urgent care clinic right away.

Find a doctor

Lead a happier, healthier life as a caregiver

Make time for yourself and lessen the stress even when you’re caught up in the hectic pace of caring for someone else.

Read about coping as a caregiver