What is Transformational Healthcare?

Delivering healthier outcomes to help you enjoy the best years of your life

Staying healthy as we step into the best years of our lives is a top priority! Remaining active and enjoying a full life with family and friends is important.

Healthcare in America is moving in a new direction, one that revolves around you. In addition to treating illness – which can be expensive –preventative care is also a priority. This philosophy is often referred to as value-based care.

Humana understands your healthcare needs may become more complex over the years and navigating the healthcare system can feel complicated – That’s why we are teaming up with local providers to offer a transformational healthcare model that provides our Medicare-eligible members access to more comprehensive, personalized care.

Best of all, accessing this type of care is covered in our Humana Medicare Advantage plans without any increase in monthly premium costs. Many preventive screenings are covered under Medicare Advantage plans and our network includes providers that focus on this type of care.

Transformational Healthcare benefits can include:

  • an emphasis on proactive care
  • more time with your doctor
  • additional access to health professionals when and where you need it
  • a comprehensive team working on a plan to keep you on the path to your best health
  • a full variety of services from physicians and labs to community events