How Transformational Healthcare works

Higher quality, value-based healthcare helps lower medical costs

Transformational Healthcare is a value-based healthcare model. Physicians are reimbursed for the health outcomes of their patients, not for the number of patients seen in a day. In turn, patients may receive more face time with doctors, better chronic condition management and higher screening rates.

With a Transformational Healthcare model, you receive an integrated care team continually assessing your overall health and providing care to keep you healthy. While the average doctor’s office visit involves brief face-to-face time with a doctor, with a Transformational Healthcare model, you may be able to spend as much quality time as you need with your doctor to discuss all of the issues that can affect your health.

Additional characteristics of this model may include:

  • a non-traditional doctor’s office, designed to make you feel at home
  • a health coach to guide patients through the complex healthcare system
  • innovative technology and services

Humana’s goal is to work with our providers to transform the health of our members.

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