HumanaChoice PPO

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HumanaChoice PPO is a Medicare Advantage preferred provider organization plan that gives you the freedom to visit any Medicare-approved doctor in or out of our provider network who accepts Humana’s plan terms, but you’ll generally save when you stay in network.

And the HumanaChoice PPO’s predictable copayments and coinsurance may make it easier for you to budget for your healthcare costs.

Benefits How it works

HumanaChoice PPO plans give you all the benefits of Original Medicare and more—and may include:

  • Affordable monthly plan premium for most plans
  • In-network home healthcare
  • Coverage for most annual preventive screenings at no cost to you
  • Optional fitness programs and prescription drug, vision and dental coverage for additional premiums
  • Prescription drug coverage equal to or better than the standard requirement for a Medicare Part D plan **
  • Emergency coverage when you travel outside the U.S.

* Doctors and specialists you choose must accept Medicare and be Medicare-approved providers.
** Prescription drug coverage is not available with all plans.

You can use any Medicare-approved doctor, specialist or hospital without a referral—even when you travel.

Your out-of-pocket costs, however, may be lower when you choose a provider from Humana’s list of in-network providers.

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