A healthy mouth is important to your overall health.

But Medicare doesn't cover most routine dental care, including cleanings, fillings, having a tooth pulled, or dentures. Medicare Part A will pay for certain dental services if you're in a hospital. This might include dental care needed while having jaw surgery, for example. Part A can also cover other emergency dental work.1

If you're a Medicare beneficiary, meaning you have healthcare insurance through Medicare, you either have to pay out-of-pocket for most dental services or rely on private insurance coverage.2 Medicaid may offer some coverage if you are eligible and your state chooses to provide coverage for adults. However, fewer than half of state Medicaid programs choose to provide complete dental care coverage to adults.3

Many people covered by Medicare don't have the help of private insurance plans or Medicaid to cover routine dental care. They pay on average nearly three-fourths of the cost of dental services out-of-pocket, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.4

Poor oral health can be linked to larger health issues including heart disease and diabetes.5 It’s important to take care of your mouth to help stay healthy. Know your dental coverage options and the impact dental coverage may have on your healthcare budget.5

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