Freedom to choose, ways to save with a PPO plan

HumanaChoice(PPO)® is a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that gives you freedom to choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you visit. And you can lower your costs when you use network providers. Plus, predictable copayments and coinsurance make it easier for you to budget healthcare costs.

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How the HumanaChoice(PPO) plan works

With a HumanaChoice(PPO) plan, you enjoy:

  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital — but you pay less for services received from in-network providers
  • Affordable monthly plan premium for most plans
  • Referral-free visits to any provider nationwide
  • Prescription drug coverage equal to or better than the standard requirement for a Medicare Part D plan*
  • Emergency coverage anywhere in the world
  • Affordable copayments for doctor visits and annual routine physicals
  • Coverage for annual screenings at no charge

*Precription drug coverage is not available with all plans.

Your doctors and HumanaChoice(PPO)

HumanaChoice(PPO) plans are Preferred Provider Organization plans. That means you have a broad network of healthcare providers to choose from.

  • Your out-of-pockets costs are lower when you choose a provider from Humana's long list of in-network providers
  • You also have the freedom to visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital without a referral — even when you travel

Original Medicare benefits and more

HumanaChoice(PPO) plans give you all the benefits of Original Medicare and more, including:

  • Prescription drug coverage (some plans do not include drug coverage)
  • Emergency coverage when you travel outside the United States
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