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Humana Healthy Horizons in Indiana

Indiana PathWays for Aging

Documents and forms

Find the documents and forms you need to get the most from your health plan.

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Key plan documents and forms

Welcome Kit

All new members get a Welcome Kit in the mail. You also can view it below. Your Welcome Kit includes the information you need at the start of your enrollment in Indiana PathWays for Aging. The link below will provide you everything except the ID card.

Welcome Kit – English, PDF

Welcome Kit – Spanish, PDF

Adobe Reader is needed to view PDFs. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it today.

Member Handbook

Have questions about your plan, benefits, and covered services? Check out your Member Handbook. Your Member Handbook will be your guide to your healthcare services. The Member Handbook is available in both English and Spanish as seen in the links below:

2024 Humana Member Handbook in Indiana Member Handbook – English, PDF

2024 Humana Member Handbook in Indiana Member Handbook– Spanish, PDF

To get a printed copy of the Member Handbook sent to you, or if you need the Member Handbook in another language or format, please call Member Services at 866-274-5888 (TTD/TTY:711) Monday – Friday, 8a.m. - 8p.m., Eastern time.


If you are a PathWays member who has been assigned to Humana Healthy Horizons, you have the right to choose another health plan within your Enrollment Period. Call 87-PATHWAYS-4 (877-284-9294) to choose another plan. If you choose another plan, you will be locked into this plan until the next enrollment period.

If you are currently our member and you do not choose a new health plan during enrollment, you will automatically stay a member with us.

Change of Address Form

If your home or mailing address changes, call the Division of Family Resources (DFR) at 800-403-0864. If you don’t, you may lose your coverage or miss out on key health plan information and reminders.

For more information on how to report a change, PDF

Pharmacy Information

Managing your medicines is important. We want you to feel comfortable knowing what medicines your plan covers. As an enrollee of the Indiana PathWays for Aging program, you can access a full range of safe and effective medicines. These medicines are part of a formulary or a Preferred Drug List (PDL). These are drugs that we prefer your provider use when choosing the best medicine to treat you and your condition.

Preferred Drug List

The Preferred Drug List (PDL) is a list of drugs and medicines Indiana PathWays for Aging covers. Your doctor can prescribe you drugs and medicines on this list if needed. We update our PDL periodically during the year. If we update the PDL, we will notify you and we will make the new version available below.

Preferred Drug List – English, PDF

Preferred Drug List – Spanish, PDF

Provider Directories

Each Managed Care Program provides members with an up-to-date Provider Directory to assist you with finding a provider in your health plan network. The directory can be found on your health plan website and is ready for you to search based on your criteria (some examples include location and specialty). You can visit Indiana PathWays for Aging Provider Directories.

To find information about in-network providers, specialists, and healthcare facilities near you:

Primary Medical Provider

To change your primary medical provider (PMP), use our online PMP change request service in your MyHumana account (desktop version only) or complete and submit the PMP Change Request Form.

PMP Change Request Form, PDF

Grievance and Appeals Forms

We want you to be happy with the care you get. We hope you get the best care possible.

If you are not happy with any part of your healthcare plan, Member Services, your doctor, or a facility, you can send in a grievance.

You may file a grievance or appeal by calling Member Services at 866-274-5888 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern time. Learn more about Grievance and Appeals for more information on other ways to file.

If you are sending an appeal or grievance for another covered member, be sure to fill out an Appointment of Representative Form.

Legal and Privacy Notices

The legal and privacy notices below provide information about:

  • How Humana uses, and when we might share, your personal information
  • Your privacy rights

Individual privacy rights – English

Individual privacy rights – Spanish

Rights and responsibilities – English

Rights and responsibilities – Spanish

HIPAA privacy notice – English

HIPAA privacy notice – Spanish

HIPAA Privacy Complaint Form

To give us permission to share your medical information with someone, you must complete and send back to us a Consent for Release of Medical Information and a Consent for Release of Protected Health Information.

Consent for Release of Medical Information – English, PDF

Consent for Release of Medical Information – Spanish, PDF

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information – English, PDF

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information – Spanish, PDF

Detecting, Preventing, and Reporting Healthcare Fraud

As part of our efforts to improve the healthcare system, we are committed to:

  • Detecting, correcting, and preventing healthcare fraud
  • Educating our members about how to detect and/or prevent fraud

Learn more about detecting, preventing, and reporting healthcare fraud and how you can help by calling Member Services at 866-274-5888 (TTD/TTY:711) Monday – Friday, 8a.m. - 8p.m., Eastern time.

Any of the documents and forms on this website are available in other languages or formats by calling Member Services at 866-274-5888 (TTD/TTY:711) Monday – Friday, 8a.m. - 8p.m., Eastern time.

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Documents & forms

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