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Kentucky Medicaid

Humana Kentucky Medicaid is now Humana Healthy Horizons® in Kentucky. A horizon is where the earth meets the sky, and Humana Healthy Horizons is where we meet you and provide you with the care and support you need—so you have more time to focus on what you love. While you’re here, learn more about your coverage and benefits, find forms you need, and more.

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Helping you on your way to good health

As a Humana Healthy Horizons enrollee, you get dental, hearing, medical, and vision coverage. You also have behavioral health benefits and can participate in a rewards program to help you stay healthy. Everyone should have a health ally. We’re here to help you work toward your best health.

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Coverage and benefits

Our enrollees get dental, hearing, medical, and vision coverage, and prescription drug and behavioral health benefits.

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New enrollee information

Newly enrolled with us? Start here to find what you need.

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Help in an emergency

You shouldn’t have to worry about health insurance in an emergency. We’re here to help when there are public health emergencies or disasters. See how we make sure you’re covered.

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Enrollment information

Medicaid provides free or low-cost health insurance to millions of Americans. Coverage is open to people with low income, families and children, pregnant women, seniors and people with disabilities. To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet eligibility requirements.

Health and wellness programs

Find health and wellness resources to help you reach your health goals.


Learn about transportation options available to our enrollees.

Coverage area

We are proud to provide health insurance coverage throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Humana Healthy Horizons is the Kentucky Medicaid plan that is built by Kentuckians for Kentuckians.

Kentucky Medicaid coverage area

Kentucky Medicaid is proud to provide health insurance coverage throughout the state of Kentucky.

Looking for help?

Contact us

If you have questions, find the number you need to get help and support.

Find a doctor

Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy.

Documents & forms

Find the documents and forms you need, including your Enrollee Handbook.