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Support for Humana Healthy Horizons in Oklahoma members

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Need support? We’re here for you. Our goal is to provide easy access to the information you need to maximize your benefits and live your healthiest life.
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Humana Healthy Horizons in Oklahoma member support

Whether you’re a new member looking for information to get started, want to find the latest news about Sooner Select, or just need to download a form—you’re in the right place.

We can help you manage and understand your coverage.

New member information

Welcome to Humana Healthy Horizons® in Oklahoma. Get the information we want all new members to have.

Enrollment information

Find out about your open enrollment period and how to change your plan and get answers to other enrollment questions.

Enrollment information

News and alerts

Get information about us – things like events in your area – or about Sooner Select.

News and Alerts

Managing your health

Managing your health care alone can be hard, especially if you are dealing with many health problems at the same time. If you need extra support to get and stay healthy, we can help. As a member of Humana you may have a care manager on your health care team. A care manager is a specially trained health professional who works with you and your doctors to make sure you get the right care when and where you need it. Review your Member Handbook for more information.

Member Handbook, PDF

Documents and forms

Your one-stop shop for the key documents and forms you may need, including your Member Handbook, provider directories, and other forms to manage your plan.

Documents and forms

Grievance and appeals

We want you to be happy with the care you get. We hope you get the best care possible.

If you are not happy with any part of your healthcare plan, Member Services, your doctor, or a healthcare facility, you can send in a grievance. You also can appeal a claim or a denied service.

Grievances & Appeals

Filling out a request form, PDF

If things change

If any of the following change after becoming a Humana Healthy Horizons in Oklahoma member, please call Member Services right away at 888-223-9868 TTY:771:

  • You have a change in Medicaid eligibility.
  • You become pregnant or give birth.
  • There is a change in Medicaid coverage for you or your children.
  • Someone in your household goes into state custody.
  • You begin receiving Medicare.
  • You move.

Contact us

If you have questions, find the number you need to get help and support.

Contact information

Looking for help?

Contact Us

If you have questions, find the number you need to get help and support.

Find a doctor

Find a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.

Documents & forms

Find the documents and forms you need, including your Member Handbook.