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Learn about Medicare enrollment

Humana wants you to feel good about the Medicare plan you choose. So take a few moments to understand your healthcare needs, spend time estimating costs, and compare plan benefits. You’ll be glad you did your homework, and confident you’ve made the right choice.

What to know before you enroll

Before you pick a plan, figure out what type of Medicare coverage you need. You may decide to go for a plan that just covers the cost of prescriptions, or maybe an all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan may be a better fit for your needs.

Enrollment and eligibility

Turning 65 is one way to qualify for Medicare. But there may be other special circumstances that allow you to enroll any time during the year.

When to enroll

There are certain times of the year when you can enroll in Medicare or change your plan. Take a moment to review these dates so you know when to take action.

How to enroll

Humana makes it simple to sign up for a Medicare plan. You can do it online at your convenience or give us a call, toll-free.

Helping someone enroll

Is someone you love turning 65? These tips can make it easier to guide your parent or loved one through the process.

After you enroll

You’ve joined a Medicare plan! Now find out what happens next.

Affordable or no monthly plan premium with a Humana Medicare Advantage plan

Affordable or no monthly plan premiums!

Choose a Humana Medicare Advantage plan and you could have no additional monthly premium beyond what you already pay for Part B.

Review Medicare Advantage plans
Important Medicare Enrollment dates from Humana

Important Medicare Enrollment Dates

Wondering when you can apply for a Medicare Advantage plan or prescription drug plan? Here’s a list of important dates.

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