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Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans

Considering your Medicare options? Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) offer all the benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B in one convenient plan. Most of Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans offer valuable extras like Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and dental, vision and hearing care – benefits not covered by Original Medicare. See what Humana has to offer.

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Get the most from your Medicare plan

If you’re here to compare your current coverage to what Humana has to offer today—or if you’re just new to Medicare—don’t miss out on valuable extras offered by many Medicare Advantage plans.

$0 monthly premium PPO and HMO plans

You don’t have to sacrifice coverage for costs. In many areas, we offer $0 monthly premium plans with all the benefits of Original Medicare Part A and Part B and so much more. Many include coverage for prescription drugs and routine dental, vision and hearing care.

Part B premium giveback

Enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with this benefit and the plan will pay some or all of your Part B monthly premium (up to $164.90* in 2023) through a credit on your Social Security check. That’s real savings.

Spending allowance

The Humana Healthy Options allowance helps eligible members pay for essential living expenses like groceries, assistive devices, rent, utilities and more, to help them feel their best. This allowance is offered on all Humana Special Needs Plans.

Shop Humana Medicare Advantage plans with confidence

Hospital stays

Doctor and specialist visits

Lab work, X-rays, screenings and imaging

Preventive care and vaccines

Emergency transportation

Medical supplies and equipment

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Want some help getting started?

In just a few simple steps, we can help you narrow down your choices based on what’s most important to you. Enter your ZIP code below to see the Humana plans available in your area.

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